alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Dear men,

Dear Men,
Dear me! I had NO IDEA your daily struggle with clothing until I watched a couple of ads targeting your plight.
First, you apparently can not handle remembering the complex process of putting on & wearing underwear AND shorts. Salvation in the form of underwear attached at the waistband to the shorts!

(What's in his pocket? No, it is the money from your pocket.)

Crisis averted!
But wait! Oh, how tragic! You also get all flustered and emotional at having a hood on your hoodie? It pains me to watch the models in the ads fighting with that hood fabric! If only there were some way to get it out of your way as it..lays...down your back like a normal person? NO! Impossible! Here's the solution - this company makes /hoodless/ hoodies! No hood! Praise be! Genius! Buy them all! Impress your girlfriend and be the envy of all those poor fools still trapped under the oppression of hood.

(Looks a little LOT like a "jacket" to me. Like this looks?)

But hey, what do women know about uncomfortable clothing? You guys have been suffering in silence with the pain that has no name all this time.


Seriously dude, talk about creating a problem out of thin air & then selling our solution to the problem you made up? Oy.
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