alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

News I think I knew but may be new

Just to note: I was watching one of Lucy Worsley's (bbc) shows on royal myths and she mentioned some incident where a high positioned person wrote an editorial for a newdpaper, spouted a bunch of lies & propaganda and signed it as some lowley "everman joe smith". Then he took that printed editorial & held it up, "See? Joe Smith agrees with me! The People agree with me!"
A ploy she has discussed being used throughout history in many of these shows.

Which made a connection to a current news story that the russians have been flooding the comment section of many of OUR news sites to make it /appear/ that so-called popular opinion is leaning whichever way the russians want. And they then use these faked comments to go back to the russian people & say, "see? The american public agrees with us!"


Pretty freakin old trick, puddin. Old & still effective.

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