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She feels pretty, oh so pretty

Ok, I'm late to this party but here's my 2 cents on the Cinderella movie corset dress. (I know but I only just heard about it from my brother.)

They should not have done it.

I have been reading arguments in favor of putting the actress in a tight corset for the part.
1."It isnt tight. Its an optical illusion created by the big skirt & off the shoulder top."
How do we know it was tight? She could only comfortably eat soup. Moving on.
1."Women should not be shamed for what they wear. Feminism!"
K, she did not /choose/ this as either a character or actress. The character lives inside her culture which is dictating to her what is "pretty". The actress is working inside what other people chose as her character's look, her "pretty".
Disney, here in OUR culture, had the opportunity to use a real woman to set a real future standard for real girls and...they chose to go a different route. Slapped it into reverse.
2."No one cares what her waist size is."
Yes, those real little girls DO. When they put on that dress and do not see that image reflected back - they care a whole fing lot. That image is the standard. "Pretty"
3."It is purely structural to hold up the skirts."
As someone with a passing familiarity with wearing those kinds of dresses? You're wrong. Material is now made to be incredibly lightweight should the seamstress need a dozen yards of it to hang off your arm or your head. Structural support to create a bell shape skirt comes from a bum roll and or a hoop. Neither of which attaches to the corset nor influences how tightly or loosely it is laced.

And I've seen the boobtastic pictures of the top of that dress and that choice has zero to do with anything other than Disney dictating what real life "Pretty Cinderalla" is. Boobs. Tiny waist.

Disney fail.
I like the dress, but Disney super fail. Shame on the whole crew. Who directed it?
Disney did much better with RL Beauty & The Beast.
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