alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Pound you into next week

I do not like you standing next to me, so freaking close to me. You do not have my permission to invade my personal space. Flat out, period, the end.
So when I wave you back & you say, "whu?" And I sharply say, "Back up!" And you just grin & say, "Whu?" again?

You are riding a razor thin line that about to smote you like Thor with a wind-up.

Make me do this TWICE? In One Day??


You are a CREEP. You literally make my skin crawl. Just because you're a white male does not mean there are no rules for you. At BEST, for you, this white female will Karen-drag your sorry arse into Human Resources //again//. (Where yeah they'll prob just tell us to avoid each other. Again.)
But at worst I will give in when every fiber of my being screams "FINISH HIM"
And /then/ Karen your corpse into HR.

Nor do I owe you any kind of explination as to why I need you to move out of my personal space. F off.
Tags: work whines

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