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"Wickedly offbeat murder-mystery series features police detective Matilda Stone and her three crime-writing aunts as they solve murders in the picturesque English region of Wildemarsh."

I bought the set. Sort of Midsomer, sort of Mrs Marple, sort of quirky fun, right? Got good reviews. Something Mother might like?

Being VERY bored, I cracked the set open & popped in disc 1.
Wow. Wow wow wow. Holy heck. I was annoyed in the first 5 minutes!! In the first 5 minutes, 5 seconds and 5 wtfs. (Series injoke)

It's the writing, stupid! It's the stupid writing. AWFUL. Too many suspects, too many detectives, too many sideplots, too many tropes. Teeth grindingly bad.
The narrator device is insanely stupid. Having the main character with no lines or interactions with others is beyond stupid. If you want the Aunts to be the main characters DO THAT.
And yes, being very bored and somewhat eager to LIKE this show I put in the second disc the next night. Growing pains can be forgiven, right? Series needs to find its feet?
Third night, third & last disc. With gritted teeth.
The series has no feet.
All that being said, I somehow still //want// to like this series because of the premise? It //should// be good! It isn't but it should be. It is terrible.
I hear they are making more (WHY?) but with a different main actress? Maybe she'll gel and all this stupid will gel and the series will rise from the slop. If someone murders the writer I doubt it will be investigated. Narrated, perhaps.

In related news, I put in one of my actor's old movies which is wide lapels, bell bottoms, Bond villian knock-off with his shark tank...

Anyway, the good guys are standing around, "He needs to be stopped! But how?"

when a subordinate bad guy walks right in, "My boss is mean! You guys want to sneak into his secret island lair?"
Just wait for the next big bollywood musical number!

Literally it cut from "How?" to this! Being Bollywood our heros arent even sneaking in with the background dancers, No! They are the featured performers for the bad guy in his lair right in front of his gold throne.

😆😂 I just about died laughing
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