alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Amit Ji ...?

With all the annoyances of late, this is indeed a small problem. But. ;)
My actor is now the voice of Alexa! Just launched!

Which I'm very excited about! OMG that lovely theatre-rich baritone voice in my house? Squee!!!
"Amit Ji? What is the weather?"
"Amit Ji, tell me a story?"
"Amit Ji, I LOVE YOU!" (What does it say??? I must know!)

It works in both Hindi & English, which is new technology. No wonder it took so long to record everything!
But it is only available in INDIA.

At the moment. I mean, I'd get the one for India if it worked here. I'd learn the Hindi to use it. Alas.

(Cost is roughly $2, btw)
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