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This is a journal. So if/when I go into nitpicking detail it is because the entry is made more for me than for you, sweet reader. I will cut to save you time on your friend list.

So I like to go to Ren Fairs. Not that I've actually hauled my butt off to one YET this year. My car isn't running so hot and renting a car is a hassle. Plus there's that whole waking up early thing!

I digress. I went to a semi-local strip mall because there's a little store in there that has some garb and new age stuff. I need a second chemise if I'm going to get a friend to go with me to a Fair. "We have a seamstress right here! You can have something custom made and it will fit you so much better than anything off the rack." I'm an easy sell, sure! I asked for a chemise with drawstrings and wide Musketeer style lace on the cuffs and neckline in white cotton. She took some measurements and went to work.

K, I can't complain about the time. It's less than 2 weeks and the final fitting was today. It didn't fit. The sleeves are too short by several inches and the armholes are too small and the whole length of it is too short AND I don't know what the heck she did to the neckline but it can't be worn except off the shoulders. And it is double layered for no real reason.

Now I know I've been a pain in the arse for this woman. I talked about how huge my hips are and how much weight I've gained and she's twice my size. I know that irks me when skinny women do that. And I kinda dropped in while she was having a nice conversation with 2 friends about Victorian rules for teachers and corsets and such. I pretty much stuck my nose in, destroyed that conversation and turned everyone's attention to ME for...oh a good hour. "Does this color go with that? Does this need a bum roll or a hoop? I have this roll of material *dump* and what can I make of it?" To top it all off, I was an hour late for the fitting today. So, yes, I am aware that I was/am a royal pain.


I'm kinda disappointed in the chemise. It's a /chemise/ for crying out loud. One big tube with two tubes stuck on the sides. Make it big. Make it loose. You're done! I didn't make it because I don't have a sewing machine and I suck at sewing. But come on! I paid a lot of money for this! You bought cotton. It's CHEAP. Buy afrellingnuff of it for the project! I've a feeling she didn't prewash it and it will shrink.


The good news is that I also bought a little silver sorting hat pendant. Okay, witch hat/wizard hat, as the woman pointed out. She's a witch. And not that I'm paranoid, but I think she wouldn't mind adding me in to her group. Okay, maybe I am paranoid. I'm more of a solitaire. Wary of groups. Groups fight. When I fight with myself I at least stand a chance of winning. If I lose I get swift and sweet revenge with plenty of I told you so!
She did mention that her group does a local cable show on Wicca and they were always looking for story ideas. So who knows where this will lead?
Oh and she gives part of the store sales to charity. For the rest of the year it's all going to the Steve Irwin charity. Sweet!

Then I went into Dress Barn again and had all the life sucked out of me. I have NO idea what looks good on me. I have NO idea what colors suit me. I can't put an outfit together to save my life. Petites get ALL the nice clothes. Suck suck suck.

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