alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Another write-up at work. Fing yaaaaay.

Yeah, not depressed at all! Did anybody on the cameras call security when the customers broke the big rule this morning? No. Course not.

(Edit: Yeah, yesterday I forgot to put my badge on which is a HUGE deal. I had it in my pocket. Did any security people say boo about that? They did not. Anyone write them up for that mistake on their part? No, because I only noticed it myself on the way home. Hrumph!
Coworkers noted that we only ever get punished and there is zero positive re-enforcement for us. Zero.)

In other news, Look if you're going to be all "freebritney" & positive supportive & stuff...?
Every damn time she leaves her house!

If you think she needs rescue from people whose only think of her as a commodity they can use to get rich? Dont be THAT. Dont take her picture to sell to tabloids for cash. Dont post it for likes. Dont share it around with friends so they'll admire you more.
When she /wants/ her picture taken she'll do like any normal human, come outside with hair & make-up done and pose.

Tags: tv, work whines

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