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I shall cite the sources in a bit but meanwhile...

"The delineation between paranoid and reparative readings originated in 1995, with influential critic Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. A paranoid reading focuses on what’s wrong or problematic about a work of art. A reparative reading seeks out what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art, even if the work is flawed. Importantly, a reparative reading also tends to consider what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art for someone who isn’t the reader."

This that I quote was shared by shittysoup in the discussion on cancel culture & how critics leap before they look

From a discussion on ONTD....
"A sci-fi writer got meta about gender. The internet responded by ruining her life..."

Specifically I share this quote for the writers I know who get pelted by critics who speak first & read later maybe?

But I am finding the discussion around the short story in question interesting...
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