alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

MUSIC videos

Music video for the single 'Cuarto de la Banda'.
Copyright The Sexican & Bob Fosse.
Someone stole Bob Fosse' but it really works here. Very funny

Oh my GOODNESS. You must watch this movie mash-up just to see how many movies you recognize. Very well done too! "Sing sing sing"

And today kinda grooving to John Batist, "Freedom"

Oh these guys are goooooood. LOL! "Get Smart"

One more for the music, not the vid

"Have we got a video?" - The Young Ones.

Further edit!!: Puttin on the Ritz
By Taco? Remember this one?

And Herb Albert (with added update umph)
Tags: links, lyrics, movies, tv

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