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My thoughts are with the many in the world grieving the loss of loved ones who fell sick, were taken into hospital, and were never seen again. Proper funeral goodbyes and rituals denied them all. It is heartwrenching. F-ing covid.
I wish that Americans were not masters of Short Attention Span Theatre and could remember among the 600,000 dead here so many went through that exact same thing? And that our technology allowed some glimpses through a tiny screen into the presence of the ill and the hard working doctors fighting along side.
What can be said?

So when the news broadcast 4 strait hours of live coverage of a funeral for a firefighter plus the extra time devoted during regular news hours? For one guy? I know he died during a fire, but still. One man. 6 hrs of coverage and streets filled with people standing to honor him. One guy.
It doesnt seem right.
It isnt fair.


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