alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Death is certain. Taxes cost money.

Taxes went WAY easier than I expected. The unemployment & medical did not have to be entered into any form, which was my stressful question.

Taxes went WAY more expensive than I expected. They charged a WOP of money for filling out forms with just my basic info. Holy moley.

However, it is /done/ and that is saying something.

And yes, this was my first free-d up day to do them. If one does not have a computer, one is f-ed.

Now I just need to run all my regular errands of groceries, laundry, dinner, & fill up car while trying to fit in...
getting my car emission test, pay my local tax, stop off at the post office to pick up, change banks, change doctors, change dentists, change phone companies, change cable companies, get a new phone, get blood work done, get my car repaired, plant the mums waiting on the porch, install solar lights, send birthday cards, send birthday presents, clean the house, clear out the storage, get the windows & doors & shower & both sinks fixed...


Within the next 24 hrs? Riiiiight.

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