alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Vir Das

Okay then. I'm a fan.

Vir talks about death. If that is going to disturb you - don't watch. Jokes for the Dead.

Making jokes like this or saying anything critical of the Indian government? It is illegal. Which I find mindboggling. So this guy, this smart sharp guy, is risking his freedom, his everything, to make you laugh. Satire. To make you think. Satire. Least you can do is watch. ;)
I'm a fan.

[I was worried about getting him in trouble so I added a cut to my pointing out that he can get ARRESTED for his comedy? But...that's the whole point! //I// am not silenced!
Watch while you can. Watch before it is removed & he is arrested //again//. He's a sharp comedian with views. I'm a fan of the way he can make me laugh about food, movies, and ....sometimes he pokes fun at politics. ]
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