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Game of thrones physics

And I get distracted again because...No! Physics!

Ok for reasons you dont have to understand for the physics, a character is going to do a whole bunch of things that do not compute. I shall try not to spoil toooo much.

He dumps dinner stew out the cooking pot that is sitting on a big open fire, and drops a bunch of gold into the empty pot, and all that gold melts into liquid.

K? No.

Gold melting point is just short of 2,000 degrees. I looked it up!

1) What the HECK were you having for dinner cooking at that temp?? O.O
Seriously, what??? Who is gonna eat it?

1.5) He does not even add more wood to the fire. That's the temp they were cooking the food at.

2) Ok, iron melts at a little higher temp but not by a lot. That pot should be glowing bright red if nothing else. It is not.

3) And it is not a temp you can reach over a campfire, people. You require a furnace or a blowtorch. Your family is not gathered around a open 2,000 degree fire in the middle of the house.

4) What he does with that gold requires ALOT more gold than what he dropped into the pot.

5) HE PICKS THE POT UP by the handles? Again, over 2,000 degrees of hot? Bare hands!

6) when he pours it out there is waaaaaaaaay more gold than he put in /and/ it would stick to the side as he poured, making it even less. Plus the rest of the pot is colder so even more gold would stick.

7) the molten gold turns back into a solid within a minute but maybe that would actually happen.

Technically for the intended purpose you prob dont need as much as the tv show used but, you know, /drama/.

I did not watch this show. I just catch pieces of highlights. And question them! ;)
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