alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Comedy! And soaps

Always up for a good laugh or even a mild chuckle.
These have subtitles for when the accent throws you

Kenny Sebastian

Dating rules

Vir Das

Does stand up

On religion ish

Back Amit Tandon, who started all this, in London

Page break because I am also going to try watching Chinese period dramas. I hear the Korean soap operas are very good but...soap operas arent really my thing? Unless good costumes. We all have our fancies.
This is episode 1 of "Word of Honor". Which certainly doesnt seem like a first episode of anything. Feels like dropping into the middle of a Saturday afternoon kung-fu movie.

Good guys invaded by evil ninjas, pretty girl dies...for no reason I can see, bad guy has to kill off his old teacher who has suddenly remembered ethics and plot device to show bad guy is BAD even tho bad guy then gets all moody and thinks about his former best friend? Wth?

And I'm less than half thru the episode. O.o
I decided to try this one because the 2 leads are young pretty men. Like pretty pretty. Maybe they have good buddy cop chemistry?

Or maybe "Rattan" which has some supernatural

Or maybe The General's Lady?

I'll let you know. I'm exploring.

About half of my coworkers learned english as a second language so I'm trying to open my mind to other cultures. Growing up around big cities helps!
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