alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

How does your garden grow?

Right, right. Keep it light!

Have you mowed yet?
We have not.

This weekend I went looking for pansies. First to a roadside stand which had not much of a selection. One color per big pot. Why do people do that? The point of pansies is /color/.

Went to Lowes. Man, I do not even know what happened there but their entire shipment of all plants were crushed & dry. Prob spent too long on a dock somewhere. Why even put them out for sale? No, man, you gotta discount if you want me to buy plant that prob is not going to recover. No thanks!
On to Home Depo. Look, pansies! Went a little nuts & bought 2 trays & two individuals. Because i need the purple velvet ones!
Yesterday I shoved a bunch into a wide dish pot. Eh. Prob too shallow. Eh. We shall see. Prob give them to mom.
Wandered walmart & why did I not WAIT for walmart and far cheaper plants?! Duh!
Then I remembered mother likes the red ones. So I bought some! The only pots at Walmart are giant heavy ceramic ones. Hrumph! I zipped over to housewares and bought a cute plastic tub for 98¢. Cuz finally I had some sense!

All of the extras are sitting safely in my bathtub.

Well, almost all. I gifted a neighbor with the 3 pale pink pansy plants. Which I half-regret? But I was not surrendering my marigolds to her. I need them for insect control! I hope neighbor likes the pansies & that they grow for her.

Now I need to find rosemary. My mint is coming back & so is the sage. I wonder what was eating them last year? O.o

Oh! The stupid starlings are back nesting in the very top gutters of the house. Or eaves or whatever. The eggs rolled right out and smashed on the stairs. Again. It's like 3 or 4 years in a row. I guess they really are too dumb to breed?

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