alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

The temp is in the 60s, they tell me. With the wind it feels like 30-40. It is still bloody cold.
On my backseat sit many cartons of pansies of pale pink, white, yellow, and that lush velvet purple I adore so.
And marigolds in bright yellow, orange, and the yellow with reddish brown edges. Or are they reddish brown with yellow edges? Visual oomph.
My brain thinks I shall plant them in pots tomorrow. We shall see. Tomorrow is always my most active day in my mind. Tomorrow is when I schedule things when the schedule becomes Today.

The daffodils are beginning to wilt away like clumps of old tissue paper flowers. The trees, when you step back to see the forest, are lightly speckled with color at the very tips, that yellow sap green and bright deep red. Bob Ross has given his very first few pounces of paint with his big brush to the background shapes of trees. I suppose Bob could never do it as well as God but I could imagine God would not begrudge him a try. *pouncepounce*

I'm seeing the first littering of forsythia & maple tree flowers & even the magnolia are dropping.

But the yellow one is still getting dressed in her Beauty & the Beast(tm) Belle ballgown.

Tho she is still smaller than even that.

The moon is full in a pink sky at sunset. Cherry blossom moon, I wonder?

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