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India & covid

India is truly struggling with covid right now. The videos are horrifying and heartbreaking as people stand outside of hospitals begging for help for a loved one. For /days/. The despair! The hospitals are overwhelmed. 2 to a bed & still they are out of beds and out of oxygen. Nothing more they can do. The funeral pyres blacken the sky during the day and turn it orange at night.
Holy crap.
Is Brazil like this?

Of course, being an American and far far away I want to throw money at the problem! Cuz that's how we do. There isnt a heck of a lot else I can do. But my research is telling me that it wont magic up extra hospitals or staff or even oxygen tanks in time to be helpful. Which suuuuuuuucks :/

My research has however led me to a charity group that is feeding the hardest hit poor in Mumbai

"khaana chahiye" apparently means "need food"? They seem decent, official, use volunteers and were feeding like 70,000(!) people every day in the last lockdown. 1 meal packet each per day of rice & lentals. You know the saying "enough to keep body & soul together"? Yes, this is it exactly, not starving. Nothing fancy, just enough and stretched to 70,000.

If you find another good charity to help, let me know?

Meanwhile I am amplifying & donating
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