alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Money money money

So I bought some books. Good books. Happy to have them. And some audio books. Good.
Not really scratching that retail therapy itch.
I may have to buy some bling.
Which wont get here for a month. A month! *teethgnash*
So I should buy a lot of bling. *nodnod*

In related money spending news - my phone company has not registered my paying their bill for 3 months. THREE. Vexed!!
They have a new automated system which asks you how much you want to pay? It wont tell you your bill amount until AFTER you pay whatever number you //guess// it might be. Ha! What a fun game! NOT. Only I have been playing this game and typing in $1 on my first go around on the phone, getting told the actual number, hanging up & going thru it all again with the new number...and it only registers the $1??? Wtf!


I still need to do my taxes. Mother says, "oh honey it is easy!" Mother who complained loudly for more than a month about getting /her/ papers together & then handed them off to the nice accountant to figure out. Vexed, I say.
Tags: mood, shopping

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