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And now, Weather update

I drove further afield, (not actual fields but viewing them from here!), and Lo! There were some trees in white blossom! And one or two trees out in the land with tips of pale yellow green! The magnolia is long purple buds languidly stretching, to flop into an entire dress of enormous pink ombre' blossoms, next week. The cherry trees in the graveyard are pink.
The other trees still clutch the hard red shells over the tender green shoots of fresh leaves. The cherry tree petals defy the breeze and rain. The ground is clean. Today.

I did not smell the earth thaw this year? Very unusual. Nor have I heard a peep of frog. So far.

I did forget that where I live is pretty much the deadest little area as far as Spring is concerned. There's nothing going on. The woods as far as the eye can see from the top of the hill are still bare. Miles of nothing. I wonder if there just isnt a variety of plants? Or is it really much colder? The 3 daffodil houses are the only gardens. Bless them!

This time last year I was out walking every day. Every day. Taking pictures and walking.

I might see a friend this week. He will be the SECOND PERSON I will have seen in a year! I'm very nervous about this.
Tags: mood, weather

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