alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

And now, Weather

It is raining. Our weather people have been calling our 40-50 degree days "mild". Hrumph!
But I did crack the window down on the ride into work for a couple minutes, just to feel the sun, before I got too cold.

The trees are getting shade to shape to scattershots of red color on branches as the buds get bigger. The willows are tinting to that light yellow green.
The forsyth are tiny yellow fists that shall flower sometime this week.
Meanwhile daffodils are dillying the dales every which way! There are 3 houses that have decidedly thrown their hats in with Spring and serious mass plantings of daffodils. Come to think, they do include forsyth as well, to draw the eye upward.
Very, very few crocus. Are they out of favor?
The birds are birding and the bees are beeing. Ask your mother!

Drive a little slower at night because all the animals are out on dates & they want to get home too
Tags: mood, weather

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