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[Edit: BTW, this week Mockwoods lost its bid for a casino in Kansas.]

Yeah yeah. I got it.
Union facilities = casino with a union
not union hall
Right. Back to life...

<.< >.> Not that they wouldn't try something in the union hall.

Which they already have done. They sent agents into the union meetings. Which makes it really weird to have to work with these people after finding out. Well, maybe not so weird because I didn't like them years before all of this and managed to make the best of it up to now. There's one specific one that turned bug nasty to me a couple months back all out of the blue. But you know how it is. You put on the attitude that no, this person has never wronged me and you get through the day, somehow, and take comfort in the fact that you probably won't see each other again for weeks. So that plan hasn't changed.
It has an extra level of weirdness now. It's tough to know who to trust. I'll be glad when this is behind us. Will it ever be behind us?
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