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HR job bid. Bastards.

For the people who care about

I saw an interesting job bid posted. They are looking for 1 full time Human Resource Administrator (as they recently fired the last one.) In the job description we find ->

...establishes and maintains satisfactory labor-management relations...including the negotiation, interpretation and administration of collective bargaining agreements.

Now you'd think maybe "Yay! They /are/ planning to negotiate with the union!" But wait until you read this part ->

May be responsible for developing and delivering union-avoidance programs at non-union facilities, and for coordinating decertification activities at union facilities.

WHAT??? WTH! Union avoidance programs /still/? And I'm totally outraged at them planning on doing anti-union things IN the union hall! WTH?! "activities"? You mean SPYING? SABOTAGE?

[Edit: Ah they mean in the casino if there is a union, not in the union hall. Not that they'd rule out working against us in the union hall, come to think of it.]

*fume* Bastards.

Am I over-reacting? I don't think so. I mean, I did know they were going to keep pulling all the cheap tricks they can come up with legal and otherwise, but it is rather insulting to be sticking it right in our faces like this. I think.

We hates them, my precious...
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