alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

New AB movie & Our Stupid Reactions

My Actor, my obsession. Big B. New movie coming!

Our Stupid Reactions guys watched the trailer.
You know what I am really appreciating? They have TRANSLATIONS. Fans of theirs send them stuff to react to and most often the fans take the time & effort to write subtitles in English.
So freakin cool.

This movie seems...I dont know how to describe it? But I agree there is an element of creepy. :)

Edit: Young man driving finds road suddenly blocked. Walks far to find a house & is taken in by some odd characters.
"After dinner we like to play games. Tonight's game will be a trial."
"What will be my role?"
"The accused."

My actor appears to play a Scotsman?? Yeah, I dont know either.

Sidenote: the other thing I //appreciate// about these guys is the effort they put into being as respectful as they can of different cultures. Specifically India because that seems to be their nitch.
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