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Our Stupid Reactions part 2, the battle

I've been pushing this on my Ren Fair & SCA friends. Now you!

The Our Stupid Reactions guys watched the first battle scene of the movie Baahubali and I checked it out because my Indian coworkers //really// like this film. The coworker guys mostly.
Cuz FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Very superhero.

Have to say, the CGI is top notch and the battle has super cool stuff I've never seen before or even thought of in a sword & arrow battle. War machines and superhero moves and EPIC.
If you like Lord of the Rings n such.

Note: watching it with these guys is like watching it in a movie theatre with other people. Gasps & cheers & "did you SEE that?!". Kinda forgot how FUN that is until now. :)

Ignore the run time. Trust me. Skip them talking at the start if you want. And yes, it is in Hindi and No, these guys dont speak it either. It is a battle so no one really talks anyway!

Enjoy 😁
Tags: ab, links

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