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Brain dump

Breathing still on the fritz, Fritz.

Decided to replant my window box this year with rosemary, sage & mint. They seemed to do okay together. Need shade tho. Maybe I'll get one of those little flags or something kitchy like that.

I posted earlier about how I am undecided about trans athletes competing in high school sports? Still pondering.
Hormones, steroids, performance, etc. It just seems unfair to dump the burden on the women's side when women are /already/ the far more burdened side? "Burden" meaning title 9 issues and NOT at ALL to imply that trans people are "a burden". Nope! Transpeople are lovely and I value and cherish them. Yep! This is exactly why I am still struggling with this complicated issue. I dont quite know how to settle this issue fairly to all sides? Pondering. Read my first post.


Saw an amazing movie battle with swords & war machines & super heroes & flying arrows & was pretty cool. Dont have the link at my fingers tho

I need to learn the step slidey dance thing still.

You know, I'm actually like "Grandma" age ATM? That is WEIRD.

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