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The Big B reaction show

Ignoring more reality...

I am pretty fing gleeful to have been youtubed into watching a "reaction" video. Not my thing, but it was focused on my actor which is my clickbait and...

Two white dudes over in California like Big B! I dont think they speak hindi either!
Knock me down with a feather! It is really kinda jazzing me that Hey there are other non-Indian in America that //know of// him, much less LIKE him. I guess they are both actors and prob with covid restrictions a youtube channel was something to do? But they do appreciate Big B's acting.

The channel is Our Stupud Reactions
hosted by Rick & Korbin

My first view of them was their "Kabhi Nahi" reaction.
I was already a fan of the video song and it was fun to watch them over-react. I mean, it is kinda what reaction videos do and they may over-enthuse, but as long as they like I like.
Sidenote: I did not know the song lyrics were...religious. Kinda disappointed. Imho.

Their first view of AB dancing. Like, the first 10 seconds explains why I am jazzed :>


Their reaction to Big B in drag*

Edit: bit of research and one of them is in love with a woman from India. Don't know if the interest & appreciation was born from that or the other way around? Don't care enough to research further! ;) Just having fun watching them jam out and flail to dance tunes from India. LOL

They like a lot of other actors and other things. But...i am biased. And jazzed!

*I think I already explained my theory on drag in acting
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