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Give to the Salvation Army bell ringers. Here's a charity that has actual people out there. Yes! Make them happy. Plus S.A. don't charge people for services. Unlike Red Cross. I'm not much for religion, but support the good guys.

Not your style? Can't find a one? Even more not into religion? Try Buy a chicken why not a duck, Groucho. Or an ox or something useful.

Can't afford a duck? Not comfortable sending cash over the wires? Tease your little mouse over to a charity site where you can help by...clicking. Really, just click the mouse and *poof* Magic helpfulness!
There's literacy, rainforest, hunger, etc. Start here -

Not into religion. No money to spare. Don't want to be called a lazy SOB? Want to help one specific deserving person? Shuffle over to

More? Give your old clothes. Give baby clothes. Give canned food. Give a toy. GIVE A SMILE. Give someone a break. Give your patience! If nothing else give your blind, stupid, distracted, angry fellow man your patience. Keep your temper. Tis the F-ing SEASON. :P
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