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Best worst story of the day

Today, in San Fran, a little old chinese grandmother was standing on tbe street, minding her own business, when a tall white D*CKHEAD came out of no where, yelled "Chinese!"
and /punched her in the face/ !

This is NOT fing NORMAL

She got 2 black eyes & one is still bleeding.

Despite this she picked up "a wooden stick" (which looks like a 2x4 to me) and beat the crap out of him! They hauled him away on a stretcher.

Somehow no one felt sorry for him.

SHE is still very upset & traumatized & there is a go fund me to cover her medical bills. Or to reward the arse-kicking.

From wont allow me to link to their story? Fine. Here's the original tweet they linked to, with video! So you can see tiny upset, bleeding grandmother (warning) & bleeding, twitching d*ckhead on stretcher.
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