alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Beep beep beep

The car in front of me was driving erratically. Yes, part of it was the car has zero pickup and therefore could not apparently pass the white suv in the right lane, (sidenote: white suv should have been in the LEFT lane if not turning right because it blocked all people trying to turn right at every light. Bastard!)
but...yeah, no excuse for erratic driver stopping suddenly in traffic and then pulling off to the side for no reason.

Yes, I leaned on my horn & kept leaning as I drove past. Because that is erratic & dangerous driving you are doing.

I saw that the erratic driver was a coworker who is indeed erratic all the time. Now flailing arms & flinching like the horn was the most painful thing in the world.

Like, I'm sorry? But not sorry? Driving requires non-erratic. Requires. These are big killing machines with vehicle laws and physics. I really do not suffer fools when I'm driving.

So why am I sorry? I'm still sorry.

You are erratic and get away with /massive/ amounts of stuff non-erratic folk would be FIRED for immediately. Because you are erratic.

I'm not feeling sorry. I kinda feel sorry.

I mean, I know I drive pretty aggressive AND that I have my own issues AND I'm late to work every day

Not sorry. Still sorry.

Edit: erratic driving is suddenly cutting from far left lane, across traffic in middle & right lane into the off ramp traffic because you want that exit at the last possible moment. Twice. Plus all the inexplicable changes in speed? Yeah. Erratic!
Tags: work whines

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