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Red Nose broadcast live

Friday 12th
3:35pm – Michael Palin:
4:10pm – Sandi Toksvig
4:45pm – Karen Gibson
5:20pm – Ian Hislop
5:55pm – Stephen Fry
6:30pm – My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast
7:05pm – Gemma Whelan
7:40pm – Richard Osman
8:15pm – Sue Perkins
8:50pm – The Guilty Feminist podcast
9:25pm – Rhys Darby
10:00pm – Harry Shearer
10:35pm – Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock
11:10pm – Mark Watson
11:45pm – Anuvab Pal

Sat 13th

12:20am – Stephen J Dubner
12:55am – Mary Roach
1:30am – Shaun Micallef
2:05am - Angela Duckworth
2:40am - Corey Taylor
3:15am - Hannah Gadsby
3:50am - Neil Gaiman
4:25am - John Hodgman. (11:30 pm EST for reference)
5:00am – Angella Dravid
5:35am – Tim Minchin
6:10am – John Lloyd
6:45am – Carey Mulligan
7:20am – Natalie Tran
7:55am – Shappi Khorsandi
8:30am – Armando Iannucci
9:05am – Philippa Perry
9:40am – Sally Phillips and Ronni Ancona
10:15am – Professor Alice Roberts
10:50am – Eddie Izzard
11:25am – Richard Curtis

RED NOSE LIVE podcast 😊😁😆
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