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I gots stuff!

A brooch of a stretching cat

A bolly movie! Not with my actor! Will wonders ever cease?

Quick rant

Sometimes I read ONTD here. Noticed they are already slamming Biden for not doing enough.
Dude. Remind you he has the slimmest margins in Congress? and CAN NOT slam through legislation he wants? Dems are also being ****heads to each other? Remind you!

Ontd had a grand time tossing hot tea about Bollywood men being trashy and sleeping around on their wives? 'The women need to leave them!' Which, yes, cheating on your wife does make you trashy BUT 1) Ontd tossed in a couple guys who broke up with their girlfriends to date someone else and that is not equal. 2) I looked it up- India has the world's lowest rate of divorce. In The World. Like 2-3%? I notice in other posts how you rant about being sensitive to other cultures and I just want to say that maaaaaaaybe a little sensitivity here? The culture just would not support the women dumping the trash men. No, we dont like trashy men & can speak out ourselves... but sensitive, mkay?

We all agree that Mehgan on the view is just awful person. ;)

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