Scariest movie

Welcome to my nightmare

This film. This film scared the beejeezus outvof me as a kid!
There's this nice guy, the charming authority figure who takes you to a gingerbread house of candy surprises. "Everything you see is edible!"
He sings sweetly, "
If you want to view paradise, simple look around and view it.
Anything you want to, do it!
Want to change the world, there's nothing to it.."

Next thing you know, your fellow traveler is dying in front of you!

And he's doing THIS?

You can't go back. You are trapped inside his factory of death traps and torture.

This is SAW but for kids

Others have noticed

The song was him singing to himself

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See how I am?
I had 5 /different/ assignments before I even signed in at work. So,yes, I was a little frustrated when after I used up all official channels to figure out where I was supposed to be and STUMBLED upon ths location. And /you/ were a little frusteated that I was late because the information got to /you/ 30 minutes earlier? Did I kvetch that the official channels that told /you/ gave me other information 4 times meanwhile?
No. I just went to my assignment.

Now someone has come to replace me so I can go home and /you/ read the assignment incorrectly & have sent both of us on break instead.
Did I stand there & kvetch? Even though that is an extra half hour of my time that I need?

Oh and now you want to shout for me to get back to my assigned area? And when I send my replacement back to you, you then have to send her back to /replace me/ //as I told you 40 minutes ago//?
"My mistake." You say?

F-ing right it IS.