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Music in my head:

"I like the enchiladas and the teriaki too
I even like the chicken
If the sauce is not -too- blue..."

Reason? None!

In other news, the tv show Psyche, which is kinda fun if formula, did a tribute to the movie Clue as the 100th episode. "100 clues"
Martin mull, leslie ann, & christopher lyode(sp?)

Now, all she wants to do is dance, dance...

Happy 4th



I did see some fireworks yrsterday. I left work /after/ the rush because social distance. Up on top of the garage at work I heard some pops & booms so I went over to the windows & way off in the distance was a little flutter of color. Then one off to the left. Then one way down the road. Here, there & everywhere! Oooo! But very random in locations & they seemed to be arranged to go off so far in between shots that crowds would not form. BUT still nice, if tiny & distant.
Macy*s did a good job in NYC

Music: bon jovi "wanted dead or alive"

...what is that song "take a look.at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend, never seem to get a lot.." ?

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I'm TIRED of telling people nicely that they need to wear the mask.
I'm tired of telling people period.
This ISNT news.

And for F's sake stop acting like I picked you out of the crowd to personally harass. //Stop// YOU picked yourself out of the crowd. Everyone else is wearing the Fing mask! Toddlers are wearing the mask! It isnt't such a trial that you make it out to be.

It is the 4th of July weekend? STOP KILLING AMERICANS. WEAR THE MASK.

Nicely, Yes I know it is still kinda new and we're not used to it and Yes it is easy to forget, and Yes it is a bother. I get all that.
Wear the mask.

Or put on your Make America Die Again hat. No, not just Sick again. Die.

Sidenote- this is how far right people show up to a protest against a legal protest

But wonder what would happen if the regular people protested like this? Hmm? Keeping in mind the cops bring TANKS to peaceful protests who are armed with cardboard signs...?

Which brings me to this - I figured out pretty early on that babyhands /loves/ to scream-accuse other people are doing what he himself is doing ATM. So I've gotten into the habit of reading his rants about Their Misdeeds as a "secret code words for idiots" guide, page 2. When I say "them" i mean "me", wink nudge?

This weekend he said, "They want to destroy America"
Um...Babyhands, You want to destroy the country? You worry me. I mean, not /surprised/ by the news but am by you admitting it.

Want some GOOD NEWS? Biden wrote a very good powerful Op-Ed for the Fourth

"The Fourth of July commemorates a courageous, extraordinary day, when the architects of our nation laid the first stone in the foundation of American democracy. In the nearly two and a half centuries since, our Independence Day has come to stand not only for that timeless bedrock, but also for every brick, beam and pillar Americans have marched and bled to build atop it.

Biden, "Democracy, after all, is more than just the foundation of our society — it is the wellspring of our power. "

"We must demonstrate to the world that the United States stands ready to lead again, not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. "


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Machester City beat Liverpool, 4 - 0

Pretty good whoopin. I was surprised because /Liverpool/, even if I do support MC just a little more. Go Blue!

<.< >.>

Again I say babyhands was SO against having people from other countries DARE cross our borders, even for a visit, that he arranged for covid...just so to cancel the world cup.


I still love you Messi!!

Rats! Cats


Today was...

I was late. Couldnt find my car keys cuz I washed them and then when I did find them where they'd fallen into a shoe - I left in such a rush I forgot my work mask & had to go back for it.

Spent most of today wanting to

And wishing for

Tomorrow will be better. Fingers crossed. Off to wish fullfillment!

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I gotta whip out my Christianity here

(Pardon me while I whip this out...*woman scream*) Blazing Saddles ref. You got that right?

You think of yourself as Christian but you refuse to wear a mask because "Gawd will save me"

So your plan is to show up at the pearly and have Gawd just let you in with The Saints? HE's not going to say maybe, "and what did you do to help your fellow man?"
You are gonna say what now?
You're a righteous kinda person because...why?

Oh you're going to /repent/? At the Gatez? Oh! Yeah, I mean that will work, right? Not like you could repent NOW while it matters and you are aware and could actually earn some points...

Sure. Sure that will totally get you in with The Saints. Surrrrrrrre.

But Jesus! I dont WANNA have to be kind! *foot stamp* i wanna do what I want to doooooo! *pout*

Yeah, I can bet that'll go down a treat...

Carl reiner rip

Carl reiner has passed away

He's been the cranky bald guy since black & white Dick Van Dyke Show
Best partner Mel Brooks had on stage

Father of Rob Reiner

Just seemed a sweet, funny man of great talent and generous spirit

None of this crap is NORMAL

Le sigh

Babyhands posts video of racist "white power"

Followed that with video of white couple waving guns (AK) at peaceful protesters

Police SUV rams protesters

Frelling CONGRESS has a hearing and a congressman tries to drown out witness testimony by rapping his pen loudly next to his microphone *taptaptaptap* and then defends his outrageous behavior against calls for order with "there's no rule about when i can make noise!"



There's a spike in virus cases and bar owners are suing because they're being told to close again.
Bet if they protest no one is going to point guns at them or hit them with police cars.....