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[sticky post] Sticky sticky bo-bicky [Sep. 10th, 2016|05:59 pm]

tis September.  Tis time for Ren Fairs and country fairs and carnivals (again) and corn mazes.
What are your autumn plans (when we get there)?

Do you have a favorite fall fashion you're itching to break out?

Is there a foodie treat you're waiting for (even if you'll be sick of it by over-exposure in a week)?
Inquiring minds want to know, you know.

Is there a program starting in the Fall I should be watching?

Are you 'looking forward to' the Debates?  Are you digging a hole and hiding?

Are you planning to vote at all?  Have you registered my Yankee friends?

P.S. if I missed it in my own journal - thank you Gene Wilder and peace to you.
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Popcorn pop quiz! [Sep. 26th, 2016|09:31 pm]
Quick! favorite horror movie?

Favorite old horror movie?

Favorite gore-or movie?

Favorite suspense?

Favorite horror book?

Favorite horror villian?

Favorite silly horror movie?

Favorite horror movie actor or actress?

Movie you least want 2 be a character in?
Movie you,d sign up fir right now?
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Debate -this- (grab) [Sep. 26th, 2016|09:12 pm]
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Sums up my feelings about now. I dont understand people waiting 2 decide based on what is said in the last month,5 weeks? Dude they been going at it for a year and a half. Wtf? What are they going 2 say /now/ that will be all "well okay thats it!" What burning question have they not addressed? And i've heard "they havent addressed MY life". Are you sure? Have yiu even checked? No cuz you're busy. (Headdesk)
And the bars for this debate are insane.
I dunno. I just dont know. I dont have teeth left 2 gnash.

Did go dentist today. Best part of my day. Ha! Crappy day.
The meeting today was not as crunchingly agonizing as i was expecting. And i STUPIDly volunteered 2 keep doing it. Wtf is wrong with me? I crave stress? No! I crave beautiful clothes! Speaking of which i bought a Moresca shimmer top in oxblood red this weekend. For i must shimmer. Now i must order a teal one. Mmmmmmm.

And Lj keeps dropping me in mid text. Frustrating
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Once upon a scare [Sep. 22nd, 2016|09:45 pm]
The weather is getting a chill. It is the first day of Fall. I've been listening 2 neil gaimen short stories. Almost time for ghost stories. Get yours ready! If you have many- start now!

There is a house. I cant tell you about the house. Houses have ideas.
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Made me do it [Sep. 22nd, 2016|09:16 pm]
Every single 1 of ud..devil inside. La!

I am not stealing wifi from my neighbor. Cuz that would b wrong. Ahem
But it is tempting!
Got me thinking, we are all good people. We'd never do something evil on /purpose/. Or would we?

I put my college roomie in the looney bin. It was not unwarrented. I didnt plan 4 it to go quite that way but what i did to contribute when opportunities presented i absolutely did on purpose.
Bit evil. But then she did insist i was a witch.

How biut u? Been evil? If the statues of lumitations allow u to share.
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ah the places you'll go [Sep. 18th, 2016|10:15 pm]
I have costumes. I do not wear them. Prob don't fitthem. They are not as lovely as i picture in my mind.
I have costumes.
I want to make more. I've beautiful ideas in my head. Did i mention i can't sew? Don't own a machine? I have bags of fabric and trim. Waiting.
I don't have time.
I have costumes.
Ihave jewelry, boots, belts, bags, jackets, cloaks. I still need hats to cover my thin hair.
Ineed to be laced into corsets.
I have nothing to wear.
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why lj, why? [Sep. 16th, 2016|09:09 pm]
Why u no like me n not let me even look @ entries n post replies nomore? Damn russians. So biased. Damn rambler script locking up mi machine.
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blanket weather [Sep. 16th, 2016|08:59 pm]
It b getting chilly @ night already. Leaves falling. Starting 2 turn.
I bought a cd set, neil gaimen Fragile Things. Puts in fall mood. Love the Sherlock story. Odd thing is the 1st cd is him reading the foreword or dedication of ALL the stories, 1 after the other... Then he starts reading the storirs. Very confusing. 20 min in & i was still waiting to hear a story start. LOL what a trickster he is!

Perhasps this year i will try making Apple/pumkin pie. Or dried fruit pie. Or some horrible Jello dish with Dream Whip!

@ work someone was looking into a very deep drawer 4 so long i wondered if she would climb in &hide. Would that be wild if there was a world 2 visit in a drawer? How would u get out again? Attic? Roof?

I haz fone. What apps i should have?
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be fraid [Sep. 15th, 2016|09:10 pm]
I haz fone. I b mobile. Yes. Canz post. Sometimes. U shall hear from mez. Insert evil cackle here
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Hm. [Sep. 11th, 2016|05:20 pm]
I wonder if LJ has kept my Sept 11th posts from over the years.  Might be interesting to revisit.
I should check...

It only goes back to 2006?
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I'll keep this brief.
I was listening to some radio show with new age music on NPR (no, we don't much care which) and the host was talking about reflecting back on 9-11.

"We're all more angry and anxious than we were before 9-11"

Then he went on to "the lessons we had hoped we had learned"

Like how life is precious. How the little things that bug you really don't matter in the Big Picture. How we need to appreciate what is here and now. Who is with us here and now. Live in the here and now. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

That day when complete strangers reached out to each other and gave comfort because suddenly we were all connected. All the same. Use my cellphone. I'll give you a ride. I'll sit with you. All the barriers were down for a little while. Skin color. Money. Job. Religion. Gender. Orientation. Language. All that crap was GONE. What do you need? How can I help?

We knew who to blame. It wasn't a country. It wasn't a religion. It was a couple guys.

So that's what I'm going to try to remember today. The lessons of 9-11.

Be a little more excellent to each other. Because we've seen that we can.

To which 10th Doc replied that she remembers everyone lighting candles on 9/15 as a show of solidarity and how even Red Sox and Yankee fans were nice to each other.  For awhile.
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