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[sticky post] Steam Powered Giraffe [Nov. 25th, 2016|09:06 pm]
[music |Spg, mack the knife]

Nuff said.

Except that, no, this is not related to my fascination with giant puppets.
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Questions from left field [Feb. 21st, 2017|02:32 am]
Do you care about baseball?

Do you own a wire cheese slicer? You know, with the roller like we used on velvetta and other block cheese?

If you were going to send one candy overseas, which would you pick?

When was the last time you had a Snickers? Or Chuckles? Ho-hos?

I just picked up a cd: John Lithgow, "singing in the bathtub". Do you own any CDs of music by someone who is not known for music?

Are you currently using a combination lock to secure something and do you remember the combination?
I have 2 such locks, a passcode on my mobile and my kindle, bank pin #s, card #s, 4 extension numbers at work, 7 or 8 email addresses and passcodes, numerous site passcodes, and i've got way too many important phone numbers to keep track. Etc etc. I'm so secure I cant get in. I am swamped with random nonsense strings of numbers and letters i am /supposed/ to remember. You?

Fill in the blank: I'd like to be -------er than I am.

If you could bring back one extinct animal, which you pick?

If I could wave a wand and *poof* you could play one sport /reasonable/ well, which would you pick?
How about musical instrument?
Specific piece of music?

Have you seen "spy in the wild" bloopers?

Do you prefer pearls, amber or opal?
In other news...Last night's episode of Bronco had young Robert Vaughn in it. "Borrowed Glory". It had moments.
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Cadbury eggs [Feb. 21st, 2017|01:05 am]
Things that are not food for two hundred, Alex?

Baby, you know you want them. But have you heard of Cadbury Scotch Eggs? Wrapped in cake and more chocolate? It is a thing now.

See? Not hardly depressing post. :)
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Rally for Science [Feb. 20th, 2017|11:51 pm]
Oh beautiful little Boston. Boston, college town. Rally in support of science and facts. Bless their cardiovascular systems. And MIT.
If you want a little cheer do check out the signs people created. Smart is funny.

P.s. Um...there's been some press on how much money hitler and the spawn are costing tax payers with just their traveling around. Millions. We're just 4 weeks in. And give some thought specifically to the people of NYC whose cops are out guarding hitler's stuff on their dime.
I suppose i shouldn't call his 3rd wife and youngest son "his stuff". They are demonstrating the most backbone by staying the heck away. Or something. But, no, they are not "stuff". But yeah they are "his".
Can NYC kick him out? What about Florida? That town is far smaller.
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An odd legal question. With triggers!!! [Feb. 20th, 2017|12:11 am]
You may not want to read this. In fact you prob don't. Skip it now. Odd morals ahead. Triggers!
You were warned.

Read more...Collapse )
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I only remember the bad jokes [Feb. 19th, 2017|10:45 pm]
So this guy is on an airplane and he realizes he's sitting next to the Pope. He's a little startled by this close proximity to His Holiness but tries to play it cool. The Pope looks up from his papers. He asks, "My son, are you any good at crossword puzzles?"
"I, um, I can try, your Holiness."
"I'm stuck," says The Pope,"I need a four letter word for 'a woman' that ends in U N T.
The man is silent a long moment. A very long moment. Then suddenly bursts out, "Why, it is so simple! It must be "Aunt"! A U N T."
"Yes! So simple!", the Pope smiles and nods. "My son, Do you have an eraser?"
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Crowd sourcing a problem [Feb. 19th, 2017|01:31 pm]
As of last night my kindle fire wont allow me to access youtube via its browser Silk. I cant access from the main youtube page or get in directly from any of the pages i have bookmarked. Wth? It says "site not secure". Well, i get that it isnt secure but why cant i get in?

Any answers? Any help?

I should add that i have, as far as i know, cleared the history, the cache, cookies and passwords. So...dunno.
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It is not a Tardis, sir. [Feb. 18th, 2017|11:52 pm]
Moment to giggle at someone else when Blair apparently stepped forward claiming he will reverse the Brexit.
Oh sweetie...
You get that tardis going, I bags it next.
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Posty post [Feb. 18th, 2017|09:45 pm]
Did I mention I'm trying to pick a day of the week to /not/ be political? I'm thinking Thursdays.
Today is not Thursday. I made an appointment at Planned Parenthood for a cancer screening. Support! Persist!

Boeing workers were /trying/ to get unionized. Hitler visited for a rally. Coincidence? No. Just saying.

Did I mention the NOVA tv program "the Science of Origami"? It was interesting! Origami by computer program, origami mini-robots, origami space stuff all folded up for the flight and then popping up when in orbit, origami super materials, proteins, etc etc. Cool.

In other news- ok, how do you say croissants? Because i sometimes go into coffee shops and I see them right there next to the bagels but no matter how I say it i get " whaaaa?"
It is on your menu! They are right there!!! Does /anything/ else on your menu sound remotely like what i'm asking for??? Bagel? No! Donut? No! Scone? No! Cruller? Maybe except you call those "sticks" so Noooooooooooooo!
Qua-sont! Crow-sant! Crescent! Someone in here tell me how YOU want to pronounce it and then tell the rest of your staff!!
Do not stand between me and pastery, boy-o. Grrrr!

Ok, i need to watch dashboard cat on youtube... So very chill
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Silly more fun [Feb. 16th, 2017|08:21 pm]
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1) new Simon's cat out now?

2) the lyrics to "if i had a million dollars"? LOL! (Haven't you always wanted a monkey?)

3) hamster dance stuck in my head

3) tv show "spy in nhe wild." Nature film makers put cameras in anamatronic animals and filmed the other animals around. Really good close-up footage of normally skittish animals. And apparently animals do not have that Uncanny Valley thing. I mean, you can see they recognize there's something odx about the robots, but they do not have our reaction of "omg zombies!!!!" Some of the reactions are darn funny however that isn't the point of the show.
Watch that and EarthFlight. The latter is more straitforward nature show with, again, amazing close-ups.

4) Today i saw a group of construction workers carrying equipment, going to pick up a crane to do work in the rafters. My first impression of 3 guys walking by with harnesses and yards of electrical cord? "I don't want to know their weekend plans!" :D
My second reaction was, "Wait, 3 construction workers, harnesses, and electrical cord? That's my Valentine's Day wishlist!"
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