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[sticky post] Sticky McPostFace [Aug. 23rd, 2016|06:18 pm]
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It isn't that the heatwave finally broke.  It's something about the light.  It is autumnal suddenly.  The trees are still green and the grass is still burnt.  Well the trees that the caterpillers didn't destroy are green.  Poor trees were devoured back to bare branches and then when that finally stopped they had to try to grow tender little spring leaf buds during the hottest of summer and a big drought.  Didn't go well at all.  I hope the trees recover.  Big hurricane season coming soon.
Heck, it is going to be a mess.

Autumn is a better time for me, have to say.  Once a year I get out of the house and DO something.  Which is getting less and less each year to be honest.
I wonder if I can sew something new in time...no, prob not.

I kinda miss the Pennsic War.  On the other hand, I kinda don't miss the people running around trying to organize me and tell me I should be doing X Y and Z.  It's my War.  I got this!
I wonder how many people were in the Field Battle this year?  4,000?  More? Less?  That was a good year.  Oo maybe someone droned the footage?
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le sigh [Aug. 23rd, 2016|09:18 pm]
Mother does not trust me.  My mother does not listen to me.

She's pulling out of a parking spot.  From my vantage point of the passenger seat I see she's getting close to the SUV next to her and since her attention is on traffic behind her I try to warn her.  "Watch your left front corner".  Mother looks around.  "Left?  Left?"
"Your.  Left.  Front.  Corner."
"What's left?"
"You're getting a little close to the SUV"
"Oh!  I was looking for a child or car or something."

later in the day after we argued over something she said "We don't communicate well.  You say LEFT LEFT LEFT! and I don't know what you mean!  When you do that it only irritates the driver."
*headdesk*  No we don't communicate well.  I didn't shout I was perfectly calm because it wasn't an emergency.  I made sure to clearly say all three words.  You were not listening and thus have the impression.

When we were fixing her leaking window...well, everything is on Mom's schedule.  She says We are doing it NOW.  Okay.  We are clearing away starting in the corner she directs.  Okay.  We are doing it with her system.  Okay.  And we are done as soon as she is tired.  I notice we are NOT done and try to proceed.  "It's MY house!" she insists.  I say, "And you don't want a leaking window!"  So she goes in and I finish.  Then she gets upset that I continued working because she wasn't there to supervise.
Which is INSANE.  If anyone else in the family had been doing it she'd have been fine and happy.  But she clearly doesn't trust her daughter to do anything right.

it just goes on and on.
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Olympics! [Aug. 23rd, 2016|06:06 pm]
Well that was fun.  (If you can't get enough volley freekin ball.)  And I'm pleased with the discus medal men.  Oh and I need to look up who won the synchronized swimming.
My take-away is that all the men should be wearing thongs.  With sparkles.  Because that whole Olympics was outrageously...you know.
Done.  Unfortunately this means we go back to politics.

But before we do...any last thoughts or complaints or hazzahs on anything regarding Rio, athletes, or whatever?
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August political dumping post! [Aug. 2nd, 2016|08:11 pm]

I dunno.  You must have something to say!  :)  fire it up!

I'm surrounded by Trump supporters at work.  It's different.
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August already! [Aug. 2nd, 2016|08:09 pm]

Okay, cousins are visiting.  they are a lot of fun to watch.
I may have (temporary!) anemia.
I'm still a stress ball.
Kinda miss my cat.

what's newz with youz?

oh, and y'all really should peek at my videos. Just saying.

I am digging the Great British Baking Show.  Up to a point and then I get all worried about the poor people.  
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2016|03:47 am]

gifs are funny
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AMAZING art [Aug. 1st, 2016|08:47 pm]

Um...squee.  Like SQU


Ukraine's got talent winner does...art on a light box like a music video.  Just need to check it out

And I think this might be Japan.  also damn cool.  painting with a flashlight.  No, it is far cooler than that sounds

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Okay July is moving on. [Jul. 26th, 2016|09:18 pm]

And I have computer access which is mind boggling.  See?  this is just a taste of how often you would hear me rant if I had a working computer.  Blessings counted!

So...DNC.  thoughts?  Cuz late night has been a riot.  :)

what's the highlight of your summer so far?  (which doesn't have to be remotely political and I kinda hope it isn't.)

Any new beverages keeping you cool?
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Delay, distract and postpone. [Jul. 26th, 2016|02:04 pm]

You know that big meeting I was stressing about?  We had it.  It occurred.  Now I'm supposed to write up the minutes for it.  2.5 hours of meeting with multiple people talking at the same time.  @whee.
Did I mention I kinda freaked out in the meeting?  Say, 3 times?  Wait, no, I was projecting my voice so the people in the back could hear.  Which is not yelling.  Yes.

Minutes of Last Meeting

An hour was spent going over the minutes of the previous meeting and all the emails flying back and forth even vaguely related.  The tone of each email was questioned for hostility and implied hostility interpreted by the reciever.  Recording Secretary proposed anyone donate a computer if you want the damn minutes any faster and reminded that she's a volunteer.  No computer offered.  Vote to accept minutes with VALID corrections - Passed.

The assembly then argued about god knows what while it was pointed out that the last meeting produced a HUGE problem we need to fix before any other business can be done.  Several attempts at a solution produced the idea of a subcommittee to sort through all the ideas.  Recording Secretary then pointed out that we shouldn't be doing any of this because it destroys prime directive #2 of the entire committee which we have zero authority to do.  Recording Secretary did then offer a compromise of having the entire membership vote on whether they WANT to destroy the #2 prime directive and disassemble the committee then reassemble it with non-elected disgruntled in charge of everyone's paychecks?  Yes, let's vote on that.  Someone who shall remain nameless then insisted that this vote NOT be talked about until after the committee election because it shouldn't be a campaign issue.
Um...wha?  No, it is posted now.  I am free to discuss what is posted in public and most of the people I talk to come to me after reading it and say, "No, this new way sounds really bad." without any input from me.
[Edit; please note, I don't care one way or the other how this ends up.  Whatever the majority decides.  You want a Brexit that's fine.  You deal with it.  Okay, I do care but only because I care about protecting my members.  I want them to make an informed decision and I want the new way to be fair to them all.  After that I don't care.]

So nothing was really decided and we're all on hold, having to put all the other agenda issues aside for 8 months.  Which means they don't get heard, which is, ironically enough, one of the big issues the disgruntled had in the first place.  *facepalm*

There was an agreement to form a subcommittee to look into how to logistically work without prime directive #2.

Meeting adjourned after 2.5 hours.  But at least we're talking.

Sidenote:  okay I have been talking to a lot of people.  (It's what I do.) and I am getting a lot of GOOD feedback and ideas on how to fix the actual problem which I think is that the committee has become too closed off from the general membership and we need a better way of handling outside questions, concerns, and new ideas.  People are feeling these are not being respected or represented.  WE CAN FIX THIS!  We need a method for people to submit these things, to see that it is going through a process of fair evaluation, and getting a responce one way or another.  We can do that.  I'm gathering a lot of good ideas.  We've 1,000+ people, someone can crack this nut.  If we have to do it chinese menu style: a little column A idea, some column B and two eggrolls = new process!  WE CAN FIX IT.
I'm kind of excited that people are interested enough to even BE disgruntled.  Cool!  Involvement!

See how distracted I can be?  I'm good at it.
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This is why I don't own a house [Jul. 26th, 2016|12:59 pm]

Actually it isn't but felt like saying the cliche'.

I'm at my mother's house.  There was a big thunderstorm yesterday which ripped through and dumped a lot of water quickly.  Water which is now in the basement.  Oy.  Apparently the last time this happened my mother and her handyman determined that the leak was coming through the foundation wall and he piled a bunch of new dirt all along that wall.  Which worked perfectly fine for the next few rainstorms.  My investigation leads me to believe that it is coming through the basement window, which is below grade and surrounded by a window well.  Evidence is the water pouring down the wall from the window.  ;)  From my research on the subject such wells are supposed to have drains so they don't fill up with water causing this leaking, but it is common for the drains to fill up with debris and stop working.  Which /seems/ like a relatively easy fix?  Clean out the drain or rototill the drain or whatever to get the gunk out.  But I have no idea how long a drain it is or how delicate or if it turns or where it comes out.  Plus it is outside in the tick infested yard so I'm personally not going to mess with it.  I don't know if her handyman has any experience with this kind of thing (seeing as how he thought it was the foundation.)  I'm reluctant to call him.
My mother is expecting a relative who is bringing a bunch of yound kids this week.  Mother is already super stressed out.  I'm reluctant to mention this flood ATM.
I've called my brother and told him about it, simply so someone else in the family /knows/ about it.  He's too far away to do anything.

I'm pondering trying to call the handyman.  This would only help if he could come and try to fix it /today/.  Otherwise there will be stressed out people and small children running about which is bad.  I've no idea where his phone number is.

I suppose I could call my mother and ADJUST the truth to it being a small dribble of water and try to get the handyman's number from her.  But I suspect she'll freak.


How difficult do you suppose this drain thing is?
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